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General terms and conditions for tickets - Global Ticket

  • Each ticket to the Freedom Museum is valid for one person for one day and is only valid on the date stated on the ticket. The ticket is activated on admission to the museum.
  • The ticket expires when the visitor leaves the museum, or in any case at the end of the day stated on the ticket.
  • It's not possible to request a refund for purchased tickets. However, tickets can be moved to a new date free of charge:
  • To qualify for a discount or free entrance, visitors must present the relevant discount pass. A print version of this pass must be presented: digital versions are not accepted.
  • We do not offer all the available types of tickets online. Check our website for a complete list of our admission fees and the types of tickets we offer.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged for money, another ticket or any other consideration.
  • Tickets may not be resold or otherwise used for commercial purposes.