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Our mission

What we do

The Freedom Museum is a historical educational museum that tells the cross-border Story of War and Freedom without Borders for young and old. The focus is on the Second World War, in the context of the history of the 20th century and current events. We do this through the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibitions. There is also an extensive activity programme including battlefield tours, film screenings and children's programmes. Both individuals and groups can visit the museum, where they can also enjoy a visit to the museum café and museum shop.

Our approach

The theme of the museum is "Freedom" in the Netherlands, Germany, Europe and beyond. From various perspectives, the human dilemmas and unknown stories of civilians and soldiers are depicted for visitors. There is never one story. The Freedom Museum aims to bring about historical awareness in relation to current events through education, experience and interaction. This contributes to clarification of existence and critical citizenship. With the use of authentic and modern presentation techniques, the museum is ready for the present and future generations.