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Higher education

The Freedom Museum is a historical educational museum that shows the Story of War and Freedom without Borders. The museum tells the history of the Second World War in a regional, national and international context, places this history in the 20th century, and links it to current events.

In various educational programmes for the museum offers an interactive deep dive into the central theme of Freedom. These programmes for higher education are broad in scope and are tailored to the level and field of study of the group. Do you want to combine your own educational programme with one of the museum's existing educational programmes? For the possibilities, contact the Freedom museum via

The Freedom Museum also offers the programmes mentioned below for teacher training. In that case, the museum coach who guides the group will place extra emphasis on the educational basis of the educational programmes. During your application you can indicate in the form under "comments about the group" that it is a teacher training course.

Work visit

Are you interested in a visit to the Freedom Museum, but you want to test it first? This is possible. Call 0031 (0)24-3974404 or send an email to You will then receive two free tickets for the museum. You are more than welcome!


You can book a 1.5-hour tour of the highlights of the Freedom Museum led by an expert guide.

€ 25.00 per guide (max. 15 pupils per guide).*
What do you choose?

What do you choose?

The programme "What do you choose?" (2 hrs.) guides groups past the essential parts of the museum where it's all about making choices. Pupils are introduced to (fictional) historical people and situations and learn from the dilemmas back then and now. Pupils are then encouraged to put themselves in...

€ 25,00 (per museumcoach, max. 15 leerlingen per museumcoach).*