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Food & drinks

In the Freedom Museum there is a museum café with a beautiful panoramic view of the hills and forests of Groesbeek and the surrounding area. Moreover, it provides you with a view of some important historical sites from the Second World War, including the parachutist's landing fields during Operation Market Garden in September 1944 and the German Reichswald, which played a major role during the Rhineland offensive in February 1945.

In our museum café you can enjoy:

Coffee/tea€ 2.70
2nd cup of coffee€ 1.70
Café Latte€ 2.90
Espresso€ 2.70 (double € 3.70)
Cappuccino€ 2.90
Café au lait (coffee with milk)€ 2.90
Hot chocolate€ 3.00 (with whipped cream € 3.50)
Soft drinks/mineral water (0,3 l)€ 2.80/€ 2.80
Beer 0.0%€ 3.50
Liberation Cake€ 3.80 (with whipped cream € 4.40)
Cakes€ 1.80
Candy€ 1.40
Small bars€ 1.40
Crisps and nuts€ 1.40
Soup€ 4.00
Toasted sandwich ham-cheese€ 4.50
Toasted sandwich cheese€ 3.75

Lunch buffets

The Freedom Museum offers various lunch buffets. Look here for the different options.