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Building and location

A special building in a special location

The Freedom Museum is located in a sustainable building with a height of 12 meters and has a strong resemblance to an enormous parachute. This recalls the dropping of thousands of American paratroopers on the landing areas along the Wylerbaan and in Klein Amerika in Groesbeek on 17 September 1944 and the large Rhineland offensive on 8 February 1945.

The museum building is completely natural gas-free. The heat supply is realised by heat pumps that extract the energy from the air. The museum has a pleasant climate all year round. A part of our electrical energy is generated by our own solar panels (approximately 45 kWp). For the remainder we purchase green electricity. The construction method of the Freedom Museum has a very low CO2 footprint. The roof construction consists of a foil that can be recycled in the future. Thanks to this roof construction, the low footprint could be achieved through: limited transport, production (no steel and concrete), construction site, demolition and reuse of materials. The building thus fully complies with the new MPG (Milieu Prestatie Gebouwen).