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Wednesday 8 May 2024

The scapegoat of the Rhine bridge: lecture Hal Sosabowski on Market Garden and post-war

Professor Hal Sosabowski gives a lecture at the Freedom Museum on Friday 17 May 2024. He will speak about his grandfather and great-grandfather, whose lives were strongly influenced by World War II.

Hal Sosabowski is a great-grandson of general Stanisław Sosabowski (1892-1967): the commander of the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. During Operation Market Garden, Sosabowski and his brigade were deployed at Driel. Sosabowski was sceptical about the plan of Operation Market Garden from the start and he was not thanked for it. After the Battle of Arnhem, he and his brigade were scapegoated by British Field Marshal Montgomery and blamed for the operation's failure. Only in 2006 was honour restored: Sosabowski was posthumously awarded the Bronze Lion and the brigade was awarded the Military Order of William.

Hal Sosabowski, as ambassador for the family, tells his great-grandfather's story. In this lecture, he will take you through the life of the general, the operations of the Polish Parachute Brigade and their part in Operation Market Garden. Much of the focus will be on the brigade's formation and training in Scotland.

Hal also tells you the story of his grandfather Dr Stan Sosabowski, the general's son, who also had a remarkable military career. The post-war years and the Poles' recovery of honour are also covered. All this from a unique family perspective, illustrated by personal photographs and remarkable anecdotes.

The doors of the Freedom Museum will be open from 19:00 and the lecture will begin at 19:30. The programme will last until around 21:00. Attending the lecture costs €8 per person. Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling 024-3974404 or via

Location: Freedom Museum, Wylerbaan 4, 6561 KR Groesbeek
Date: 17-05-2024
Time: 19:30-21:00 (doors open from 19:00)
Information & booking: 024-3974404 or by e-mail to
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