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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Russian tank back at the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek

The destroyed Russian tank that was moved to the Leidseplein in Amsterdam for a few days will once again be displayed in front of the Freedom Museum from June 5th onwards. It will remain there for the coming months. The 44 ton Russian T-72B tank was captured by Ukrainian forces in March of 2022. The tank was heavily damaged when it ran into a French mine during a Russian attack on Kyiv.

The tank exposition project was made possible by a partnership between the National Museum of Military History of Ukraine of Ukraine, the Berlin Story Bunker Museum in Berlin and the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek. It serves as a warning against Putin's relentless war, which poses a grave threat to freedom and democracy in Europe. At the same time it serves as a call to action to keep supporting Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.