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What do you choose?

The programme "What do you choose?" (2 hrs.) guides groups past the essential parts of the museum where it's all about making choices. Pupils are introduced to (fictional) historical people and situations and learn from the dilemmas back then and now.

Pupils are then encouraged to put themselves in these situations and to reflect on contemporary issues of a similar nature. In "What do you choose?", students get started with making and arguing choices and there is a lot of interaction with the exhibition. This educational programme stimulates students' insight and critical thinking and allows them to relate to someone else.

Your programme:

  • An introduction with, among other things, a short film.
  • An interactive tour of core parts of the museum. The occupation, persecution and genocide, the liberation, and current events are discussed.
  • A conclusion at the museum with the opportunity to leave a message.

Important conditions:

- Maximum 120 pupils per educational programme, maximum 15 pupils per museum guide.

- Schools are required to book a museum guide. It is therefore not possible to have your own guide give the tours.

- Prices quoted do not include entrance fees. Per school 2 paying supervisors/teachers/parents (€7.00 p.p.), additional supervisors have free entry.

Please note: In consultation with the teacher, the part about "persecution and genocide" can be replaced by the part about "bombings".

€ 25,00 (per museum guide)