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Vrijheidsmuseum and Thornsche Molen

Visit the Freedom Museum and the Thornsche Molen in Persingen: old-fashioned enjoyment in a modern setting.

Your programme:

  • Freedom Museum Basic package (2 to 2.5 hours).
  • Lunch: choice of two options. Choice 1: a pancake (plain, bacon or apple, you can specify on the spot) with flour from a mill. Choice 2: rustic bread with various toppings and a Burgundy beef croquette. Both lunches take place in restaurant De Thornsche Molen in Persingen. You will also receive 2 refreshments with both lunches: coffee, tea, apple juice or orange juice. Please note: choice of lunch 1 or 2 applies to the entire group.*
  • Visit Thornsche Molen and admire a presentation in the museum about its history. Afterwards there will be a guided tour of the mill with a breathtaking view of the Beekse ridge.** (1 to 1.5 hours).***

* You can make your choice during your request in the comments section. 

** To visit the mill you must be able to walk.

*** Take care to book well in advance, due to availability of English-speaking guides.

€ 39,15 p.p.*