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Freedom Museum and Draisine

A train-lorry tour on the old railway-line through the most beautiful border area of the Netherlands and Germany. Cycle on a train-lorry on the tracks from Cleves or Kranenburg in Germany to Groesbeek in the Netherlands. Of course vice versa is also possible.

Your programme:

  • Freedom Museum Basic Package (2-2,5 hrs).
  • Draisine: scout the border route with club-Draisines for 9-14 persons (smaller Draisines for 2 - 4 persons also available) and enjoy the unique scenery of the Dutch-German border area. Visit Groesbeek with its attractive museums and wineries. In Germany your destination is the small town of Kranenburg or the romantic town of Cleves. Both towns guarantee a great stay and the local restaurants provide for the inner person. After regaining your strength the tour takes you back to the starting point by Draisine. An experience!

* This package can only be booked directly at the Draisine: Additional charges may apply on weekends and holidays.

** For special fees for your transfer to and from the Freedom Museum call taxi Peerenboom + 31 24 971236. 

From € 27,50 p.p.*