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Permanent exhibition

The Story of War and Freedom Without Borders

The Freedom Museum tells the Story of War and Freedom without Borders at this unique location. Two of the most important operations on the Western Front took place here during the Second World War: Market Garden and Veritable. Both operations had major consequences for the further course of the war in the German-Dutch border region and the rest of Europe.

The theme of the permanent exhibition is "Freedom". From various perspectives, the human dilemmas and unknown stories of civilians and soldiers are depicted for the visitors. There is never one story. Questions arise such as: what do you see when you look at history and how would you have acted? Special attention is given to developments in the Netherlands, Germany and Europe, within the context of events on the world stage.

The museum immerses you in the Story of War and Freedom without Borders, fully placed in the history of the 20th century. The pre-war history and the post-1945 period are important parts of the exhibition. In the museum the visitor is also challenged to critically reflect on current events: freedom on a large scale, in the world of today, but also on a small scale in one's own life.

The Freedom Museum provides a new and fascinating look at history, full of surprises, interactivity and experience. The many authentic objects, documents and personal stories bring the past closer. Watch the fascinating films, look at the impressive photos, interact with the story and experience the history and current events.