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War Games

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Ever played Risk? Then you have a bit of an idea of what will take place at the Freedom Museum this weekend. Several impressive War Games of battle scenes from Overloon and Wyler-Den Heuvel will then be on display here. These battles were part of the even bigger Operation Veritable, which took place mainly in the Groesbeek border area. War Games are originally intended as an exercise of combat or tactics in miniature by soldiers. You might know them from films, where senior army officers move pawns back and forth across a map. As long as there have been miniature figures, they have been used to re-enact battles in game form at home. This pastime grew into a veritable sport in the last century, with clubs being formed, traders specialising in it and even writers taking up the subject. Nowadays, many of the War Games take place on computers and are played not only with (historical) military figures, but also with fantasy creatures and characters who have to fulfil tasks and go on adventures in a fictional world. In the museum, however, it really does involve historical, military scenes presented as truthfully as possible. It is a special experience to look over such a model, where people, nature and buildings are made with extreme precision. In other words, something you have to see with your own eyes!


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Location: Vrijheidsmuseum
Wylerbaan 4
6561 KR