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Museum asks public for support

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek has been closed for almost 10 months in the past 15 months. For a museum that receives only 3% of structural subsidy per year, this is quite a challenge. The financial need is high: even with the museum’s reopening on 5 June 2021, it expects a substantial deficit at the end of the year. The support it has received from governments and funds, however crucial and supportive, is insufficient to cover the entire deficit. The museum must not fall over or become paralysed! For this reason, the Freedom Museum has started a large crowdfunding campaign calling on people to donate to the museum, so that it can continue to spread the message of freedom. Support the museum and donate via: 

• IBAN: NL14RABO0117428876
• Made payable to: Vrijheidsmuseum

Please order your tickets online

The Freedom Museum will be closed on Monday 23 August. 

Entrance tickets to the Freedom Museum are only available online. You can buy your tickets here: tickets.vrijheidsmuseum.nlRefund is unfortunately not possible. We use a maximum number of 15 visitors per time slot of 15 minutes. All large gatherings and large events are cancelled until at least 1 August 2021.

Group visits or tours (max. 8 people), with or without a guide, are possible at the moment. School visits for educational purposes are also possible. For school visits we allow entrance to 15 people every 15 minutes (for every 15 students you will need 1 museum guide). For these options you will need to make a reservation through: attn Group reservations. Youth under the age of 18 do not have to keep a distance from each other, but they do have to keep a distance from the teacher and the museum guide.

The Freedom Museum is located in the beautiful green and hilly landscape of Groesbeek. The museum is close to Germany and right in the area of two of the most important operations on the Western Front during WW2: Market Garden and Veritable. It is a tourist attraction for young and old, from home and abroad. The visitors experience the fascinating Story of War and Freedom without Borders in both the Netherlands and Germany, Europe and beyond. There is never one story. A multifaceted image of the Second World War is created through various perspectives, in the context of the history of the 20th century and current events. The visitor is challenged to think critically about freedom then and now, full of experiences, interactivity and museum masterpieces. 

The sustainable building itself, the 12-meter high Dome, is also an attraction and has a strong resemblance to an enormous parachute. From the terrace you have a panoramic view of the historic landscape.