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Tuesday 9 July 2019

Liberation Museum becomes Freedom Museum

On 9 May 2019 the new name of the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 was announced during a special press conference in Groesbeek. From the moment the new museum opens its doors in September 2019, the name will be changed to "Freedom Museum".

This name fits the museum's new international storyline: The Story of War and Freedom without Borders. This storyline came about through a unique intensive collaboration of dozens of prominent Dutch and German historians and museums. The result is a multi-perspective story about war, freedom, international cooperation and current affairs regarding freedom and democracy. "It strengthens our historical awareness if we do not see the history of the 20th century solely through our own eyes, but also in a cross-border European context," says Drs. Wiel P. H. Lenders (director of the Liberation Museum). "In the coming decades, a large and wide range audience will be able to benefit from a new and fascinating view of history, in a museum that will also focus on authenticity and experience."

Last week, on 7 May, the highest point of the new museum building was reached. In a few hours, the roof slowly "inflated" during a precision operation. The museum finds its new home in a Shaded Dome. The Shaded Dome, developed and supplied by Shaded Dome Technologies, has a strong resemblance to a huge parachute, a recognisable image of the liberation.

The Shaded Dome is a patented, sustainable building with an optimal indoor climate, even in extreme weather conditions. The innovative building concept consists of an inflatable dome, a network of steel cables and a roof made of hi-tech textile that makes an extremely flexible design possible. The new museum is almost 12 meters high at the highest point and has a free span of 60 meters.

With the new cross-border educational storyline and the Shaded Dome, the museum will have a unique permanent exhibition for young and old and an exceptional building: a true tourist attraction in the green, hilly landscape of Groesbeek.